KEMAT is looking for commercial partners in other countries to develop a collaboration for the distribution of KEMAT’s products

Polybutene distributors

KEMAT is looking for polybutene distributors in other countries to develop a collaboration for the distribution of KEMAT’s products. The potential commercial partner needs to be a chemical distribution company with existing companies which are operational in the sectors related to the applications in the local market.

Commercial partner activity

The polybutene distributors / potential partners must be:

  • already on the market
  • a company distributing chemical products on the local market
  • involved in one or more of these industries:
    • adhesives
    • cling films
    • greases
    • lubricants
    • sealants

KEMAT is the largest independent polybutene supplier in EMEA

KEMAT’s products are used in many applications in several market segments, for example: lubricants and greases; cosmetics and skin care; sealants, adhesives and coatings; plastics, rubbers and cling films.

KEMAT company information

Based in Belgium, KEMAT is a privately held company, founded in 1989. It has unparalleled experience and insights in polybutene markets and applications. Sound supplier relationships for the past 30 years with active sales in 39 countries across EMEA. The company has 30 years of experience of exporting the products in many countries all over the world.

KEMAT has bulk (glycol heated) tank containers with a permanent stock of heated bulk. The company offers IBCs and drum packaging together with a drumming and blending facility, resulting in a quick and efficient supply of high quality and certified polybutene, delivered at timely and competitive prices.

Having built up an expertise in the supply of additives to the lubricants industry, KEMAT has expanded over the years to supply a wide range of products to a diverse customer base across a multitude of different industry segments.

As well as Polybutenes, KEMAT also distributes Poly Alpha Olefins and Natural Oils. The company has recently increased its product portfolio to include molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) and 12-Hydroxystearic acid (12-HSA), as well as natural and synthetic rubbers, and fuel additives.


Polybutenes are clear liquid oligomers typically used as plasticizers, carriers and lubricants which are sold in many different grades (liquid and solid) determined by viscosity which is related to molecular weight. This reflects the variation on molecular weights which range from 250 to around 3M g/mol.

Polybutylene is composed of long-chain hydrocarbon formed by polymerization of isobutene, and is extremely stable under normal conditions. It is transparent non-noxious high-consistency semi-solid polymer free of impurities.

The product is highly compatible with: resins, asphalts, waxes, gums, oils, fats. The products are widely used as: plasticizer, thickener, waterproofing, tackifier. Polybutenes is compatible with most non-polar substances.


Polybutenes are typically used in: