The High Performance Gasoline Additive

Your ride is your pride and you are passionate about it. With poor quality fuel, deposits can slowly build up inside your engine. Accumulating over time, these deposits ultimately prevent the motor system from exploiting its full potential and delivering its optimal performance. The cure? KEROPUR®!

Photos: BASF SE

BASF’s KEROPUR® G high performance gasoline additive provides an impressive “cleaning effect” to help remove and prevent performance-limiting deposits at the heart of your vehicle.

So why settle for less?

Prime Performance

KEROPUR® G multifunctional gasoline additives ensure your engine is clean and protect the entire fuel system. The additives remove already existing deposits (clean-up effect) and prevent the formation of new deposits (keep-clean effect).

Performance benefits, enabled by KEROPUR® G, have been proven in a wide range of engine and on-road tests – amongst others, conducted by BASF’s Competence Centre Fuels & Lubes in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Your clean engine will not only result in a longer engine life – you will also benefit from the better start-up and driving behaviour, having restored the full potential of your engine.

Environmental Contribution

KEROPUR® G‘s performance benefits do not mean you will have to compromise on other ends. By boosting your fuel‘s performance, you will also be able to reduce your engine‘s fuel consumption which in consequence also means less emissions.

Quality Made in Germany

BASF recommends KEROPUR® G for use in Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, Volvo, VW and others.

KEROPUR® G can be easily applied during your regular stop at the gas station!

With KEROPUR® high performance fuel additives you simply require 100 ml per tank (45-75 L) for optimal performance.

The Cleaning Effect


How often should I use KEROPUR® G?
This depends on the specific fuel quality available to you. BASF recommend to apply KEROPUR® G with every third or fourth stop at the gas station.

How is KEROPUR® G applied?

Why ‘just’ 100 ml of additive?
KEROPUR® high performance fuel additives are formulated as highly concentrated products and therefore employ a highly efficient deposit control formula. Therefore, the addition of 100 ml of high performance additive provides optimal results in 45-75 L of fuel. (also see dosage recommendation)

Can I use KEROPUR® G with any kind of gasoline blend (e.g. E10, Ethanol, etc.)?
KEROPUR® G can be added to any kind of gasoline blend.

How does the high performance additive influence my engine’s performance?
Over time, deposits tend to build up in any combustion engine. As deposits accumulate, this gradually brings a loss in power, fuel economy and drivability – compared to the clean condition of your vehicle. Cleaning the engine, by removing and preventing these performance-limiting deposits, KEROPUR® G helps you to restore and preserve performance you would otherwise forfeit.

What kind of gasoline-powered engines is the additive suitable for?
KEROPUR® G high performance gasoline additives can be used with any type of gasoline engine – including direct-injection, naturally-aspirated as well as turbo-charged.

Is KEROPUR® G suitable for my brand of car?
BASF recommends KEROPUR® G for use in all brands of gasoline powered vehicles.

How should the empty packaging (bottles) be disposed?
Empty bottles should be disposed directly at the gas station into the respective waste containers, for example, the bin for empty lube oil packages.

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