KEMAT polybutenes have exceptional low temperature flexibility, non-toxicity and light colour, which makes them ideal for use in medical applications.  Adhesives required for human contact, eg patches, surgical and medical tapes, wound care products and ostomy devices, are usually based on PIB.

PIB-based PSAs (pressure sensitive adhesives) are frequently used in transdermal drug delivery (TDD) systems.  TDD systems are drug-filled adhesive patches that, when applied to the skin, release the therapeutic agent at a controlled rate.

KEMAT has specialist knowledge and a portfolio to help you create the correct medical adhesive designed for your application.  KEMAT polybutenes are pure, clean, non-toxic and safe for use in skin applications.

KEMAT offers low molecular weight conventional polybutenes: Polybut™ as well as medium and high molecular weight polyisobutenes: Polybol™.  They are ideal for PSA applications.


  • safe for use in skin applications
  • improved cold temperature flexibility
  • permanent tackiness
  • enhanced water resistance
  • no odour or taste
  • pure and non-toxic

End User Applications

  • nicotine patches
  • hormone patches
  • pain relief patches
  • anti-sea-sickness patches
  • diapers
  • surgical and medical tapes
  • feminine and incontinence products
  • ostomy devices
  • wound closure