KEMAT polybutenes can be used as either a base polymer or as a modifier in automotive sealant formulations.  They have similar properties to natural rubber except that their aging properties are far better.  The polybutenes plasticize and add tack to elastomer-based sealants.

KEMAT polybutenes are extensively used as partial replacements for drying oils in sealant formulations as they can improve adhesion and cohesion, ageing and reduce shrinkage.

For cost saving without loss of functional properties, low molecular weight conventional polybutenes such as Polybut™ are used in high performance silicone sealants as a partial replacement/extender for silicone oil.

A wide variety of automotive sealants are available for many different parts of a vehicle.  Clear sealants can be used to waterproof weather seals around windows and windscreens, while black sealants are used between the seal and bodywork.


  • soft and pliable
  • prevent excessive absorption of water
  • adhesion and cohesion to form a permanent seal
  • provide thermal and acoustic insulation
  • fire/electrical barriers

End User Applications

  • seal joints
  • seal and protect electrical wiring
  • protect body cavities from moisture
  • sealing of welds
  • primers for glass surround mouldings
  • sealing of engine components