The OEM market is pushing and promoting the use of improved quality oil.  In recent years growing concern for the environment has led to significant advancement in the design of the two-stroke engine as well as the two-stroke engine oils. To meet these environmental demands and to keep high performance, between 30% to 55% of low molecular weight polybutene is used in two-stroke oil formulation.

KEMAT’s low molecular weight conventional polybutene Polybut™ is used in two-stroke oil to cleanse exhaust gases.  The PIB acts as an attractant of dirt which materialises during the process of burning petrol and oil in an engine.  When PIB is added to the two-stroke oil the emergence of smoke will reduce.

Two-stroke oils containing PIB will decompose easily during the burning process, they also have a low smoke tendency.

For two-stroke engine oils, KEMAT’s polybutenes offer several advantages including reduced corrosion and scoring, clean burning and the elimination of engine deposits. In addition to this, they provide enhanced performance due to their molecular structure.


  • burns cleanly
  • reduces smoke
  • improves lubricity
  • low exhaust deposits (blocking)
  • low detergent in the engine

End User Applications

  • motorcycles
  • scooters
  • mopeds
  • snowmobiles
  • outboard motors
  • lawnmowers
  • chain saws
  • all 2-stroke engines