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Polybutenes are synthetic hydrocarbon polymers and are available in a broad range of viscosities.  They are non-drying and leave no residues.  PIBs are hydrophobic and can easily be emulsified.  They are chemically stable, resistant to oxidation by light and moderate heat.  Higher viscosity grades are also tacky.

KEMAT’s grades are colourless, non-toxic, with no odour or taste. This combination of physical properties makes them ideal in the cosmetics, food and medical industries.

KEMAT offers the full range of polybutenes:

Polybut™ – low molecular weight conventional polybutenes, spanning molecular weights from 280 up to 6.000 with viscosities ranging from 2 up to 40.000 centistokes.

Polybut HR™ – low molecular weight high reactive polyisobutenes with molecular weights ranging from 1.000 up to 2.300 g/mol.

Polybol™ – medium and high molecular weight polyisobutenes with molecular weights from 30.000 up to 3.000.000 g/mol.

End User Applications