hydraulic fluids

KEMAT Polybutenes improve the performance of hydraulic fluids

Hydraulic systems transfer and apply tremendous force over comparatively short distances, delivering a great amount of flexibility and control.  They must provide rugged, continuous power in the severest environments with fluctuating temperatures and heavy loads.  Hydraulic systems depend on the hydraulic fluid to preserve and protect key components from wear and tear.

Most hydraulic fluids are based on mineral oils.  Polybutenes are used as viscosity modifiers and as shear stable VI improvers in the formulation of mineral oil based hydraulic fluids. Polybutenes are predominantly useful where there is concern over contamination of the working area or the materials under construction by possible oil leakage from the hydraulic systems.

KEMAT Polybut™ (low molecular weight conventional polybutenes) and Polybol™ (medium and high molecular weight polyisobutenes) are ideal for hydraulic fluid applications.


  • oxidation and thermal stability
  • superior foam control and water separation
  • prevention of sticking or seizing under heavy loads
  • dampen shock and vibration
  • viscosity to maintain fluid film
  • inhibition of oxidation, corrosion, or microbial growth
  • low compressibility
  • low volatility
  • hydrolytic stability
  • anti-wear performance

End User Applications

  • forestry operations, eg harvesters, logging machinery
  • food processing equipment, eg mixing machines, paneer press machines
  • heavy-duty construction vehicles, eg rock splitters, cranes
  • mining equipment, eg hydraulic cylinders, excavators
  • plastic injection moulding machines, eg vertical, horizontal
  • steel mills, eg mill type hydraulic cylinders, overhead cranes