Agriculture and farming use polybutenes

KEMAT polybutenes Polybut™ , Polybut HR™ and Polybol™ are used in agriculture and farming because they are pure and non-toxic.  The tackiness property of PIB makes it ideal for use in formulations to preserve and protect agricultural crops throughout their growing, harvesting and storage time.  Polybuytenes are blended to make Crop Protection Adhesives and Agricultural Film.  These help to prevent pests eating and contaminating the crops, as well as shield them from the weather.

KEMAT stocks all the required PIB grades and molecular weights necessary to formulate the tackiness needed for crop protection adhesives as well as agricultural film.

KEMAT offers the full range of polybutenes:

Polybut™ – low molecular weight conventional polybutenes, spanning molecular weights from 280 up to 6.000 with viscosities ranging from 2 up to 40.000 centistokes.

Polybut HR™ – low molecular weight high reactive polyisobutenes with molecular weights ranging from 1.000 up to 2.300 g/mol.

Polybol™ – medium and high molecular weight polyisobutenes with molecular weights from 30.000 up to 3.000.000 g/mol.

These end user applications use polybutenes