Using KEMAT’s own proprietary technology, a special adhesive and high viscosity substance has been developed by blending KEMAT polybutenes and polyisobutylenes as raw materials.  The special adhesive Polytack is an odourless liquid-solid polymer and is non-toxic.  The non-drying sticky adhesive is effective when applied as a banding resin to trap crawling insects on delicate crops such as fruit bearing trees in orchards and on grape vines in vineyards.  It can also be used to coat yellow cards to trap insects in greenhouses and polytunnels.


  • slight tackiness
  • non-toxic
  • free from any aromatic hydrocarbons

End User Applications

  • crop protection: applied as an adhesive paint on the trunks of fruit bearing trees for capturing small crawling organisms
  • pest control: applied to pasteboards to capture flies and mosquitoes