Polybutenes are used in the manufacture of high-performance synthetic lubricants including compressors handling air and other inert gases such as nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and argon.  PIBs provide exceptional lubricity and other performance features.  Polybutene is pure and does not contain sulphur, therefore anticatalysts and similar hazards can be completely removed.

KEMAT polybutenes perform well in high pressure applications, for example: as lubricants for the barrels in compressors which are utilised to create the high pressures of ethylene gas which is necessary in the manufacture of Low Density Poly Ethylene (LDPE).  Polybutenes help by giving the essential high-pressure sealing, constant film-forming and oxidation resistance properties needed.  PIBs have minimal volatility and will completely meet typical requirements with respect to: high purity, low moisture content, low deposit formation and inertness.

KEMAT has a wide range of molecular weight (MW) polybutenes going from Polybut™ (lower MW) to Polybol™ (medium and higher MW).


  • high purity
  • high pressure sealing
  • continuous film forming
  • oxidation resistance
  • limited volatility
  • low moisture content
  • low deposit formation
  • inertness

End User Applications

  • compressor oils
  • refrigerator oils
  • air conditioning compressor
  • scroll compressors
  • rotary compressors
  • reciprocating compressors
  • rotary-screw compressors