Polybutenes act as extenders and plasticizers for a range of vulcanized elastomers including, for example, natural rubber (NR), butyl rubber (IIR) and styrenebutadiene rubber (SBR).  NR, IIR and SBR are often used to make automotive tyres as they are extremely flexible and durable.  They have strong abrasion resistance (good tread wear) and low rolling resistance (good fuel economy).

Tyres have to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments.  Rubber provides exceptional resistance and toughness as well as grip and anti-slip properties.

Synthetic rubber is mainly used to make tyres, and it is the primary element in tyre manufacturing.  It is mixed with a filler agent like carbon black to make robust and strong tyres.


  • high resilience
  • good resistance to low temperatures
  • good cold crack resistance
  • low temperature flexibility
  • strong abrasion resistance
  • low rolling resistance
  • high consistency
  • high wear and strength

End User Applications

  • automotive tyres
  • aircraft tyres