Food must arrive in perfect condition with the highest levels of hygiene and meet all regulations.  These are vital factors for maintaining the quality of packaged foods. To ensure that this happens, the food must be packed in a clean environment and the packaging needs to protect and safeguard its contents.  An important requirement in selecting food packaging systems is the barrier properties of the packaging material.

KEMAT polybutenes are non-toxic and FDA approved, therefore ideal in food packaging adhesives.

When blended into hot melts, polybutene operates as a tackifier, polymer extender, plasticizer and wetting agent.  It also reduces the melt index and raises the cold temperature flexibility.

During processing in multilayer food packaging applications, polybutene allows several different barrier resins to bond to a substrate which can be rigid or flexible.  PIB increases the tack and adhesion, in addition it can reduce formulation costs.

KEMAT offers low molecular weight conventional polybutenes: Polybut™ as well as medium and high molecular weight polyisobutenes: Polybol™.


  • non-toxic
  • tasteless
  • pure and clear
  • transparency
  • no odour or taste
  • FDA approved for indirect food contact
  • excellent adhesion

End User Applications

  • colourless adhesives
  • cups
  • plates
  • trays
  • bags
  • lid films
  • food packaging and serving containers
  • cling films (food wraps)