KEMAT polybutenes are used in industrial sealants as a tackifier and plasticiser with excellent non-drying UV stability and tackiness.  They are resistant to oxidation with no toxicity as well as offer cohesive strength and water resistance.  The end products are softer and easier to extrude.

Sealants can be used in two ways: one, for aesthetic reasons, ie to close off joints with no visible seams and two, to seal joints or cracks to prevent the ingress of water, dust, pollution and noise.

Low molecular weight conventional polybutenes (Polybut™) to medium and high molecular weight polyisobutenes (Polybol™) are used in the formulation of industrial sealants.


  • minimal shrinkage after application
  • good inherent permanent tackiness
  • lower oil-to-filler ratios
  • low moisture transmission
  • a plasticiser effect which increases sealant flexibility
  • tackiness which results in a soft, easily extruded sealant
  • improved flow characteristics
  • oxidative stability with good low temperature properties

End User Applications

  • aerospace: aircraft fuel tank, fuselage, windshield
  • building and construction: waterproofing, fireproofing, roofing, bathroom, window
  • refrigeration: condensers, evaporators, piping, freezers, chillers, coolers
  • ship building: deck joints, hatches, portholes, sanitary fittings