Polybut™ EM

Polybut EM emulsion technology offers polybutenes in an easy to handle format which are soluble and easily miscible in water.

Polybut EM products have a low viscosity and are available in anionic, non-ionic and binary stabilized versions.

Pure or formulated Polybut EM products can be applied by spraying, dipping, rolling and brushing which make them easier to process and formulate compared to pure polybutenes.

Typical applications for the Polybut EM product series include Adhesives & Sealants, Lubricants & Metal Working Fluids, Coatings & Road Marking Paints, Insect Trap Formulations.

Typical Properties

Polybut™ EMKemat Polybutene PolymerPolybutene Polymer Molecular Weight Mn
Solid Content
Emulsion Viscosity Brookfield
sp2, 100 rpm
Anionic StabilizationNon-Ionic StabilizationBinary StabilizationTechnical Data Sheet
4 (NI/50)Polybut ™ 475050< 500XPolybut 4 (NI/50)
10 (A/51)Polybut ™ 1095051< 5.000XPolybut 10 (A/51)
10 (NI/51)Polybut ™ 1095051< 5.000XPolybut 10 (NI/51)
30 (NI/51)Polybut ™ 301.30051< 5.000XPolybut 30 (NI/51)
200 (A&NI/51)Polybut ™ 2002.40051< 5.000XPolybut 200 (A&NI/51)
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