Water-Based Emulsions of Polybutenes & Polyisobutenes


  • Polybut EM technology offers PIB in an easy to handle liquid or paste format
  • Polybut EM products are soluble and easily miscible in water
  • Polybut EM products are VOC-free, non-toxic and require no special labelling
  • Pure or formulated Polybut EM products can be applied by spraying, dipping, rolling and brushing

Typical Composition

  • Water-based emulsion of a low (LM), medium (MM) or high (HM) molecular weight PIB
  • Available in low viscosity liquids (typically 15-60% PIB) and semi solid pastes (75%)
  • Available in non-ionic (NI-series), anionic (A-series) and mixed anion/non-ionic (B-series) stabilization
  • Polybut EM technology can be applied to PIB with molecular weights Mn from 300 up to >400.000
  • Polybut EM technology can combine PIB with other polymers: waxes, resins

Typical Applications

  • Adhesives & Sealants
  • Water Based Lubricants & Metal Working Fluids
  • Anti-Corrosion & Barrier Coatings
  • Road Marking Paints & Construction Formulations
  • Paper, Leather & Textile Coatings
  • Crop Protection & Insect Trap Formulations
  • Personal Care Formulations
  • Novel Applications

Typical Properties

Polybut™ EM GradePIB TypePIB Molecular WeightStabilizationPIB Content
Polybut™ EM 0LM Polybutene330NI15% and 50%
Polybut™ EM 4LM Polybutene750NI50%
Polybut™ EM 10LM Polybutene950NI and A50%
Polybut™ EM HR 1000LM Polyisobutene1.000A55% and 75%
Polybut™ EM 30LM Polybutene1.300NI50%
Polybut™ EM 200LM Polybutene2.400A and B50%
Polybut™ EM 190LM Polybutene2.900A50%
Polybut™ EM 600LM Polybutene4.200A50%
Polybut™ EM MM 10MM Polyisobutene40.000A60% and 75%
Polybut™ EM MM 12MM Polyisobutene55.000A60% and 75%
Polybut™ EM MM 15MM Polyisobutene85.000A60% and 75%

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