PIB is core business for KEMAT

The KEMAT portfolio offers a unique and broad product series of low molecular weight conventional polybutenes (LM C PIB), spanning molecular weights from 280 up to 6.000 with viscosities ranging from 2 up to 40.000 centistokes, well known in the market as Polybut.

KEMAT recently launched a new line of low molecular weight high reactive polyisobutenes (LM HR PIB) to respond to increasing technical requirements in the field of lubricants and related markets: Polybut HR.

Completing the full molecular weight spectrum of PIB’s, KEMAT has included medium and high molecular weight polyisobutenes in its portfolio: Polybol.

Alongside the PIB product series, KEMAT offers complementary products to better serve different industries: Poly alpha olefins (PAO) and metallocene poly alpha olefins (mPAO), followed by natural oils, molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) and 12-hydroxystearic acid (12-HSA).

Our portfolio has expanded and now includes natural and synthetic rubber: Kemarub.

Fuel performance packages made with the newest technology from market leader BASF completes KEMAT’s portfolio: Keropur.

Product LineProducts SeriesChemistry 
PIBPolybut™Low molecular weight conventional polybutenesFind out more
Polybut™ HRLow molecular weight high reactive polyisobutenesFind out more
Polybut™ EMWater-based emulsions of polybutenes and polyisobutenesFind out more
Polybut™ PIBSAPolyisobutene succinic anhydrideFind out more
Polybol™Medium and High molecular weight polyisobutenesFind out more
Polybut™ ExactPolybutenes and polyisobutenes with customer specific molecular weight and viscosity specificationsFind out more
Polybase™Tailor made blends of polybutenes and base oilsFind out more
Kemaclean™Proprietary solvent blends for cleaning and removing PIB spillsFind out more
PAOPAOLow and High viscosity poly alfa olefinsFind out more
mPAOHigh viscosity metallocene poly alfa olefinsFind out more
Lubricant AuxiliariesPolytacTacky additive for mineral oil-based lubricantsFind out more
Natural OilsCastor Oil and Linseed/Flaxseed OilFind out more
MoS2Molybdenum DisulphideFind out more
12-HSA12-Hydroxy Stearic AcidFind out more
Rubber AuxiliariesKemarubNatural and Synthetic RubberFind out more
Fuel AdditivesKeropurFuel Performance Packages with BASF TechnologyFind out more