BASF is a leading supplier of fuel performance packages worldwide. Their KEROPUR® multifunctional fuel performance packages help keep engines clean and protect the entire fuel system.

The portfolio includes gasoline and diesel performance packages for maximum engine cleanliness, better fuel economy, lower emissions and optimal driving experience.

BASF’s long-standing expertise and individual high-performance gasoline and diesel additives provide differentiation and enable the development of efficient fuels to meet legal market requirements.

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  • KEROPUR® D Diesel Additive

    • Can be added to any diesel fuel
    • Removes existing deposits (clean-up) and prevents new deposits in the engine (keep-clean)
    • Improves cetane number and fuel stability
    • Improves start-up and handling and extends the life of the engine
    • Lowers fuel consumption

  • KEROPUR® G Gasoline Additive

    • Removes already existing deposits (clean-up)
    • Prevents formation of new deposits (keep-clean)
    • Enables better start-up and driving behaviour
    • Prolongs engine life
    • Improves fuel economy

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