To shift the engine power to the driving wheels, automotive vehicles need a power transmission system (powertrain).  Within the powertrain there are other parts including a gear system, clutch and differential mechanisms.  There are four main types of gear systems: mechanical, semi-automatic, automatic and hydrostatic.  And within these gear systems there are different kinds of gears, eg spur helical, straight bevel, spiral bevel, low/high offset hypoid, and planetary.

Powertrain systems need transmission oils to reduce friction in gears and bearings.  Synthetic oils used in lubricating automotive gears provide several advantages: improved oxidative stability; improved viscometrics at high temperature (high VI); better low-temperature properties; lower volatility.

Transmission oils formulated with polybutene provide the following benefits: bright stock replacement; lower smoke, exhaust blocking and deposits; help to improve low-temperature performance; high temperature bulk viscosity; thermal and oxidative stability.

KEMAT has a wide range of molecular weight (MW) polybutenes ranging from Polybut™ (lower MW) to Polybol™ (medium and higher MW). All are used in transmission oils.


  • oxidation and thermal stability
  • corrosion protection
  • superior foam control
  • anti-wear and extreme pressure (EP) properties
  • friction control
  • long fluid life

End User Applications

  • OEM requirements: fill for life/150k miles, improved fuel efficiency
  • tractors
  • buses
  • cars
  • trucks