Complementary product series for use in lubricant oils and greases

Castor Oil

Castor Oil GradePhysical FormColour (Gardner)Hydroxyl Value(*)Saponification Value(*)Acid Value
Iodine Value
Moisture(%)Free Fatty Acid(%)
Refined Ph EurViscous LiquidMax 2Min 160176–186Max 0,882–90Max 0,30Max 0,4
First Special Grade (FSG)Viscous LiquidMax 4Min 160176–187Max 2,082–90Max 0,25Max 1,0
Hydrogenated (HCO)Flakes or PowderMax 3155–165180–190Max 5,0Max 5N/AN/A

Linseed Oil

Linseed Oil GradePhysical FormColour (Gardner)Viscosity
 @ 20ºC 
@ 20ºC
Acid Value
Iodine Value
Solid Content(wt %)Biobased Content(%)
Processed 30Viscous LiquidMax 6300,96Max 9120–140100100
Standard 60Viscous LiquidMax 7600,96Max 11115–135100100
Standard 90Viscous LiquidMax 7900,96Max 10110–130100100
Standard 120Viscous LiquidMax 71200,96Max 12108–128100100
Standard 300Viscous LiquidMax 83000,97Max 13105–125100100

12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid (12-HSA)

12-HSA GradePhysical FormColour(Gardner)Hydroxyl Value(*)Saponification Value(*)Acid Value
Iodine Value(**)Melting Point(°C)
12-HSAFlakes or PowderMax 6Min 150175–190Min 175Max 5Min 70

Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2)

MoS2 GradeMedian Particle Size(μm)Particle Size Range(μm)Acid Insolubles(wt %)Molydenum Trioxide(wt %)Acid Value(***)Oil
(wt %)
Carbon(wt %)Water
(wt %)
Technical Grade301–100Max 0,5Max 0,05Max 0,05Max 0,05Max 1,5Max 0,02
Technical Fine Grade60,5–20Max 0,5Max 0,05Max 0,25Max 0,40Max 1,5Max 0,05
Super Fine Grade1,50,5–8Max 0,5Max 0,15Max 3,0Max 0,40Max 1,5Max 0,15

(*) : mg KOH / g
(**) : g I2 / 100 g
(***) : g I2 / 100 g at time of production

MoS2 is available from Brad-Kem, the new Joint Venture between KEMAT and Brad-Chem.

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