specialised coatings

KEMAT Polybutenes are excellent plasticizers and improve durability to specialised coatings

KEMAT polybutenes are used as an ingredient in specialised coatings and paints.  Their favourable properties include water resistance, low colour, excellent adhesion and plasticisation of the final film.  They offer performance benefits to coatings for permeable substrates such as concrete, stucco and wood.  Polybutene improves the durability and ageing of undercoats based on rubber or hydrocarbon resins.

When applied to permeable substrates such as concrete and wood, they provide waterproofing protection.  When applied to wood they can reduce swelling and shrinkage.

KEMAT provides the largest range of viscosities combining the Polybut™ and Polybol™ polybutenes including very narrow MW distribution for coatings applications.


  • excellent plasticizer
  • hydrophobic
  • increases viscosity
  • clean burning
  • extends the service life of the coating
  • excellent corrosion protection in hydrophobic environment
  • improved adhesion to many substrates
  • excellent flow on many substrates
  • decreased price of coating formulation
  • provides high gloss finish

End User Applications

  • masonry paints and coatings
  • alkyd resins used in coatings/paints
  • conventional gloss paints
  • marine paints/coatings
  • concrete and stucco sealers
  • ceramic, aluminium or high temperature paint