Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin

Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin (APAO) is a copolymer made by the polymerization of propylene, ethylene, butene-1, etc. APAO can adjust the physical properties of products such as viscosity, softening point, and open time depending on the polymerization rate of each raw material. It is used in various fields covering personal hygiene items which have a high demand for eco-friendly materials, interior materials of automobiles, filters, special packaging, and furniture.

Types of APAO

APAO can be categorized into five product types depending on polymerization ratio.

  • Homopolymer 100% Propylene
  • Copolymer Propylene – Ethylene
  • Copolymer Propylene – Butene-1
  • Terpolymer Propylene – Ethylene-Butene-1
  • Formulated APAO 100% Propylene

Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melt adhesives can be found everywhere, and APAO hot melts are often used when an Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) hot melt cannot meet all requirements. APAO technology is unique and is used in the production of special packaging to furniture manufacturing and automotive assembly.

APAO hot melt adhesives, also called Polyolefin Hot Melt adhesives, are designed to be a lower cost adhesive option for most product assembly applications. Polyolefin hot melts are often used as a lower cost replacement for Polyamide Hot Melt applications.

The benefits of using APAO in hot melt adhesives:

  • offer resistance to corrosion and moisture, chemical inertness, and resistance to UV rays.
  • have high heat resistance, while also being able to function over a wide range of temperatures.
  • durable and reliable in both interior and exterior applications.

Features of APAO

  • excellent adhesion
  • excellent heat resistance
  • excellent cold resistance
  • low-cost
  • easy adjustment of physical properties

Typical Applications

  • Automotive: Loadliner, Headliner; Headlamp Bonding; Sound Deadening
  • Hygiene: Baby Diaper; Adult Incontinence; Feminine Care; Pet Training Pads
  • Packaging: Corrugated Box
  • Product Assembly: Mattress; Furniture; Carpet Backing
  • Wire & Cable: Filling & Flooding; Fiber Optic
  • Others: Filtration; Polymer Modification; Pipe Wrap

Typical Properties

ProductPolymer TypeViscosity cPsSoftening Point ºCTensile Strength Mpa Technical Data
Safety Data
RT 2115Homopolymer1,5001522.3 RT 2115 RT 2115
RT 2180Homopolymer8,0001572.6 RT 2180 RT 2180
RT 2215Ethylene Copolymers1,5001430.9 RT 2215 RT 2215
RT 2280Ethylene Copolymers8,0001461.1 RT 2280 RT 2280
RT 2315Ethylene Copolymers1,5001410.6 RT 2315 RT 2315
RT 2330Ethylene Copolymers3,0001410.8 RT 2330 RT 2330
RT 2535Ethylene Copolymers3,5001320.3 RT 2535 RT 2535
RT 2715Butene-1 Copolymers1,5001100.6 RT 2715 RT 2715
RT 2730Butene-1 Copolymers3,0001100.6 RT 2730 RT 2730
RT 2780Butene-1 Copolymers8,0001100.7 RT 2780 RT 2780
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