PIBs come in three distinctive product series: Low, Medium, and High Molecular Weight PIBs.

Low Molecular Weight Conventional and High Reactive PIBs are clear liquid polymers, acting as viscosity modifiers or plasticizers in a wide range of applications including lubricants, adhesives & sealants, rubber & plastics, cosmetic formulations. Their key properties are molecular weight (ranging from 280 up to 6.000) and in parallel the kinematic viscosity (from 2 up to 40.000 cSt at 100ºC).

Medium and High Molecular Weight PIBs are semi-solid to solid polymers, used as an additive or a major component in many formulations including lubricants, adhesives & sealants, chewing gum, construction materials, electrical components. Their key property is again the molecular weight, ranging from 30.000 up to 3.000.000, sometimes expressed in the Staudinger Index, ranging from 20 up to 600 cm3/g.

The production process of the three PIB families is illustrated below.

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How PIBs are processed