Viscosity modifiers are additives in a lubricant used to minimise the variations in viscosity of the lubricant as a function of temperature.

Automotive and industrial oils often need thickening agents to achieve the correct viscosity.  Viscosity modifiers are a component of numerous oils.  At low temperatures the viscosity increases at a lower rate than most oils.  At high temperatures the viscosity decreases at a lower rate than most oils.  PIB is often used to replace bright stocks and high viscosity base oils as a viscosity modifier.  PIB also lowers the pour point.

If combined, with high-viscosity poly alpha olefins (PAO) or synthetic esters, KEMAT Polybutenes also lower the deposit formation, give cleaner burning and also tackiness will improve while the cost can be decreased.

KEMAT Polybut™ and Polybol™ are selected for their good shear stability and to assure that the viscosity of the thickened lubricant will remain stable under normal conditions.

PIB/PAO mixtures provide superior viscometrics over the standard PAO products mostly used in high performance industrial oils, greases, and compressor lubricants.

In the mixture PIB/synthetic esters the PIB acts as an effective viscosity modifier for the ester.  The use is mainly in high-performance two-stroke lubricants, industrial oils, greases and chain lubricants.


  • highly viscous
  • high purity
  • clean burning
  • shear stability

End User Applications

  • automotive and industrial oils
  • mineral oil lubricants
  • electrical wire coating/insulation
  • automobile trim
  • coatings and paints
  • rubbers