Polybutene is used in several corrosion protection applications, mainly as a self-amalgamating, non-adhesive tape.  Polybutene offers effective and essential weatherproof properties.  It forms a skin but remains permanently plastic underneath.  The sealant allows for joint movement, is overpaintable and exhibits good UV and chemical resistance.

The sealing effect is maintained due to self-amalgamation between the layers of the tape.  When under tension, but without the need for external heat, it bonds and solidifies into a mass which provides high voltage electrical insulation as well as protects against ozone, water, and sunlight.  The final wrapping is gap free and solid, tightly bound to the surface. Unwrapping is not possible, the only way to remove the tape is by incision.

KEMAT offers low molecular weight conventional polybutenes (Polybut™) as well as medium and high molecular weight polyisobutenes (Polybol™).  These are used in the formulation of corrosion protection applications.


  • self-amalgamates rapidly when tension is applied
  • wide operating temperature ranges
  • non-adhesive
  • does not react with substrate
  • can be used in fresh and sea water
  • waterproof
  • high resistance to prolonged immersion in water
  • compatibility with a wide range of rubber and plastic dielectric cable insulation

End User Applications

  • high voltage cable insulation
  • pipe coatings for pipeline systems
  • corrosion protection of metal pipework
  • protection of buried pipeline systems
  • protection of cable terminals: indoors and outdoors