A grease is a stable mixture of a base oil and a thickening agent. KEMAT Polybutenes, Polybut™ and Polybol™ all have particular properties as base oils as well as modifiers to achieve the level of modern properties for Polybutene greases.

KEMAT has a wide range of molecular weight (MW) polybutenes going from Polybut™ (lower MW) to Polybol™ (medium and higher MW). All are used in grease manufacturing.

PropertyPolybutene characterApplications
Pour PointImproved performance over mineral oils under low temperature conditionsLow temperature greases for automotive and industrial use
ToxicityNo detectable aromatic content and practically non-toxicIncidental food contact greases
ColourWhite or transparent when thickened with light-coloured thickening agentFood or medical greases
Water resistanceHydrophobic with good sealant properties for corrosion protectionGreases for bottling and canning lines
InertnessGood chemical and physical stability; permanently non-dryingCorrosion protection; wire rope lubricants; cable greases
ViscosityWide range to modify adhesiveness and temperature response of greaseHeavy-duty gear operated over wide temperature range
VolatilityDepolymerizes to volatile compounds above 250°C without residue or stainingGraphite or molybdenum disulphide suspensions

End User Applications

KEMAT Polybutenes of low viscosity Polybut™ can be used as the base oil for the manufacturing of a grease.

KEMAT Polybutenes of medium to high viscosity Polybol™ are used in conjunction with a conventional mineral oil to produce a blend oil from which a grease can be manufactured. The polybutene will adjust the viscosity and Viscosity Index (VI) of the mineral oil to modify and improve the properties of the finished grease.