Marketing and Communications
KEMSEC, Securing Industrial Controls

Suzy has worked in Market Research, Marketing and Sales since 1979, engaged by banks and building societies. She joined the lubricants industry in 2009 when she was recruited by UKLA. Using her knowledge and ability to design and produce databases she created and built the online European Lubricants Industry Directory, ELID. Afterwards she served as Sub Editor then Editor of Lube magazine, the official journal of UEIL, published by UKLA, for which she wrote and sourced articles. Furthermore, she made Lube go digital and was the driver in several other successful industry related projects including Lube Library and Lube Archive.

Suzy was a member of the Pan-European project EuropaLub, now UEIL Industry Statistics, created and designed the layout to provide a user interface, the Market Summary, as well as the marketing and selling of the European Lubricants Industry Statistical Service (ELISSE), an electronic licensed subscription service providing analysis of the lubricants market in Europe.

Attending lubricant conferences and seminars, Suzy has met many people and gained significant knowledge in the industry. She has specialist skills in marketing and communications as well as an enthusiasm to connect with people. She also has creative and technical flair.