KEMAT’s wide range of high quality PIBs with readily available stock across all grades, as well as glycol heated bulk tank containers and permanent stock of heated bulk, combined with their storage facilities, ensures that KEMAT is able to meet the growing demand to supply anywhere in Europe.

Permanent storage

KEMAT has its own permanent bulk storage facilities in North Western and Central Europe, with distribution centres in Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Temporary storage

We can offer temporary storage, even at short notice. KEMAT can find bulk storage to rent as well as long term rental of ISO tanks.

Flexible storage

For clients needing more flexibility we can charter barges for customers to hold material while arrangements are made for permanent storage.

In addition, we can decant (heat if necessary) ISO tanks into IBCs or drums as well as repack, refill and re-label, according to your needs.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can support your requirements.