KEMAT creates and maintains a full set of the required documentation for the movement of products as well as offers advice on documentary requirements. KEMAT's in-depth logistics knowledge puts them in a favourable position. They have organised and managed product handling and freight forwarding since their inception.

Our logistics team is highly knowledgeable in freight forwarding and handling chemicals. They are skilled in dealing with exporting, importing, international shipping, processes, paperwork and all regulations involved with international trade.

Since 1989 KEMAT has built up a wide network, establishing strong supplier relationships. Their experience in the chemicals industry as well as having their own ISO tanks and storage facilities, coupled together with their ability to manage highly complex processes, make KEMAT the ideal Partner in Business.

Our transport fleet comprises several heavy-duty tractor units, a variety of chassis and trailer types. This enables us to ship your products in the following forms:

  • Trailer
  • ISO-Tank
  • Box container (20 and 40 feet)
  • Single chamber tank truck
  • Double chamber tank truck each with or without trace heating

For companies wishing to increase their flexibility, we welcome transportation orders from external shipping companies.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can support your requirements.