Special adhesive and high viscosity substance

POLYTACK is a special adhesive and high viscosity substance developed by KEMAT’s proprietary technology using KEMAT polybutenes and polyisobutylenes as raw materials.

It is a highly stable substance under normal conditions and is a liquid-solid polymer that is odourless, non-toxic and consistent.

Chemical substance No.(6) – 7774 (polybutene, polyisobutylene)
CAS No. = TSCA No.9003 – 27 - 4
LD 50 * Over 21.576/kg
FDA21CFR172, 615 Chewing gum base
Article 18, Appendix 2, Section 9 Hazardous substance names required for notification
(632 Substances) of Occupational Health and Safety Law
No relevant substances
PRTR Law Class 1No relevant substances
PRTR Law Class 2No relevant substances
United Nations NumberNot applicable

Grades and general properties of POLYTACK

ApplicationSmall organisms and pest capturing materialSmall organisms and pest capturing materialSmall organisms and pest capturing materialDry cell sealant
Adhesive strength (gf ・mm, ⏀7mm)1.2001.7004.700--
Anti-flow characteristics (60 ºC, 24h)PassPassPass--
Flash point (COC. ºC)240210240220
Coefficient of viscosity (at 160 ºC, mPa.S)170300450200
Density (15 ºC, g/cm 3 )0.890.890.890.89
Pour point (ºC)85808585

The grades shown are general grades. We may offer special grades upon request. Some are emulsion grades.


Capturing small organisms and pests

There is a grade of POLYTACK used for capturing small organisms, such as mice, etc, by coating pasteboard or a tray with the dissolved product.

This makes use of its strong adhesive strength and anti-flow property. It will not flow down even if the pasteboard is positioned vertically.

Dry cell sealant

There is a grade of POLYTACK that uses its excellent electrical insulating property and heat resistance used for sealing manganese dry cell. In its dissolved state, it is painted on, and after cooling to room temperature, the substance will not flow, even if it is at 60oC to 70oC.

Other applications

There is an emulsion grade of POLYTACK for use in catching pests such as flies and mosquitoes. This is used in places where heat dissolution is not practical. Development of new grades that utilise the strong adhesive strength and high viscosity of the emulsion for new applications is being conducted to respond to the needs of customers.


While under normal circumstances there is no danger of POLYTACK igniting or burning, the substance is designated a combustible material and managed accordingly.

Paint the pasteboard or tray after heat dissolving POLYTACK at 130oC to 150oC. After painting, the anti-flow property will be realised at room temperature.

When heating, avoid open fire and use of a hot house or hand held heater. Store POLYTACK indoors.


We can supply POLYTACK in 200 litre drums.

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