• Logistics and Transportation

    The logistics and transportation sectors rely on complex real-time systems that require connectivity to partner networks. Due to their deployment on a global level these systems represent a growing target. Protection is required across the organisations systems and those that form part of their greater business networks.

  • Oil & Gas

    The target of many attacks the oil and gas industries require protection across upstream, midstream and downstream infrastructures.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Threats to the pharmaceutical sector that cause errors in the production process or the theft of drug recipes and other IP are a growing concern.

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing facilities work with KEMSEC to enable them to quickly identify external threats to the production network.

  • Power

    Generation, distribution and transmission use different systems and technologies and are all high value targets for cyber attackers. Distributed systems make protection more complex as all remote sites need to be secured.

  • Petrochemical

    The production of petrochemical products is at risk of both internal and external cyber threats. Product manipulation, production line outages and intellectual property such as formulas are all concerns. KEMSEC works with petrochemical companies to secure their facilities, products and IP.