Sealants, caulks and putties are materials that are inserted into a gap or joint to prevent the ingress of water, wind, dirt or other contaminants. Polybutene is used in sealants, caulks and putties as a tackifier and plasticiser with excellent non-drying UV stability and tackiness.

End User Applications

The main uses of sealants, caulks and putties with polybutene are in:

  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Ship building
  • Refrigeration

KEMAT Polybutenes

KEMAT Polybutenes provide:

  • a plasticiser effect which increases sealant flexibility
  • tackiness which results in a soft, easily extruded sealant
  • reduced use of solvents which provides environmental benefits
  • improved adhesion and ageing
  • low moisture transmission
  • lower oil-to-filler ratios
  • minimal shrinkage after application
  • improved flow characteristics