KEMAT Polybutenes:

  • are high quality plasticizers and give outstanding durability to different coatings
  • extend the service life of the coating
  • give excellent corrosion protection in hydrophobic environment
  • improve adhesion to many substrates
  • have excellent flow on many substrates
  • are clean burning
  • can decrease the price of the coating formulation
  • increase the viscosity
  • provide high gloss coatings

End User Applications

KEMAT Polybutenes are used:

  • in alkyd resins used in Coatings/paints
  • as plasticizer and will improve the durability and ageing of undercoats based in rubber or hydrocarbon resins
  • in conventional gloss paints
  • in marine paints/coatings due to their hydrophobic character and also the excellent waterproofing resistance

Road Marking Paint

KEMAT has selected polybutenes with:

  • excellent pour-point to improve the road marker paint flow in winter
  • good UV and thermal resistance which will help to reduce the brittle point and modify the softening point as well as increase the ultimate hardness of the final road mark

Kemat Polybutenes are also used in Marine paints/coatings due to their:
hydrophobic character and also the excellent waterproofing resistance

KEMAT Polybutenes

KEMAT Polybutenes are well appropriated to formulate different coatings.