KEMAT Polybutenes for cosmetic purposes:

  • are extremely stable under normal conditions
  • are liquid
  • are low to high viscous
  • are non-drying
  • are sticky
  • are very clear, transparent and non-noxious
  • are water free
  • have a constant quality
  • have a high flash point and low pour point
  • have a superior stability of oxidant and UV-light
  • have the lowest sulphur content a Polybutene can have (negligible)
  • have the narrowest MW distribution
  • improve the lubricity

End User Applications

KEMAT Polybutenes are used in the formulation of:

  • Lipsticks
  • Eye makeup
  • Skin care products

KEMAT Polybutenes

For cosmetic use, KEMAT Polybutenes:

  • are extremely clear and pure
  • are available in a wide range of molecular weights (MW)
  • have a very narrow molecular weight distribution which makes them well adapted for cosmetic and personal care
  • can be formulated easily for cosmetics

Due to our 29 years of experience KEMAT Polybutenes are very well adapted for cosmetic use.